DC Mode 4 Wall Charge Complex

Wall Charge Complex – updated charging complex from AutoEnterprise. We have made the device more efficient and powerful through the use of innovative technologies.

Station characteristics

Mount: Wall mount (mounting plate)
Optional: Pedestal mount +200€
Pedestal mount: 2123 х 1063х 315 mm

Case: Powder-coated metal

Cable length: starting from 6,5 m

Display: Two-line display. LED backlight
Supports ASCII
Optional: 7” LCD screen +150 €

Station type: Online/Offline

Power splitter:
AC – AC included
AC – DC included
DC – DC included

Supports OCPP protocols:

Authorization methods:
RFID Cards (Mifare standard), memory capacity – up to 1200 cards / Mobile Application / Website

Optional: Phone Call to 24/7 Call Center / AE Chip ID Tag by car’s VIN / Payment Terminal

1 pc.
J1772 (Type 1)
up to 80A / up to 19kW*

1 pc.
Mennekes (Type 2)
up to 63A / up to 45kW*

1 pc.
CCS Combo 1
up to 550V
up to 200A / 60kW*


1 pc.
CCS Combo 2
up to 550V
up to 200A / 60kW*


1 pc.
up to 550V
up to 200A / 60kW*

*Charging power depends on the model and software version of the electric vehicle.


+1 CCS Combo 1 / Combo 2 or + Type 1 / Type 2 (Plug or socket)

Bank Card Payment Terminal:
We recommend using the Ingenico iUC180/iUC180B smart terminal. It supports: Visa, MasterСard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay

The Charging Equipment has a controller-based solution with electronic RCD (30 mA 3-phase)
IP65 Enclosure
IK10 Protection against mechanical impacts

Operating Temperature:
Between -50°C and +50°C / 58°F and 122°F

Warranty in Europe: 24 months
The charging station is made in: Ukraine
Internal components are made in USA, Ukraine, South Korea

Supported vehicles: 4 vehicles + 1 optional can be charged at a time. Tested on 75+ EVs and PHEVs

Make the most of your resources

We have applied new technologies that have made it possible to increase the efficiency of this charging complex compared to the previous model.

In order to continuously supply 60 kW simultaneously to two high-speed DC connectors – we use the technology of changing the supplied current and the output voltage of the power modules during the car charging process. Below on the graph, you can trace it.

from € 8 500